C38A7967 628x356 SuperPro announces camber correction bushes for VW Transporter/Caravelle T5 2WD and 4WD

SuperPro announces camber correction bushes for VW Transporter/Caravelle T5 2WD and 4WD

SuperPro has released a range of rear control arm bushes for VW’s T5, with both replacement inner and outer wishbone fitments, plus an adjustable option for those seeking to counter the excess rear camber that’s an unfortunate by product of lowering or overloading these vehicles. These two distinct options represent an important development in terms of aftermarket chassis support for the T5, one which gives owners a choice of fitment options depending on the exact specification of their particular variant.

The VW T5 has carved out a fantastic reputation for being both refined and utterly capable, and there’s little doubt that it remains one of the most car-like vans currently on sale. These traits are largely down to its chassis, specifically it’s comparatively sophisticated rear independent rear suspension setup which promotes stable, predictable handling, and excellent balance and road holding.

Service Replacement Bushes

SuperPro’s first option for T5 owners consists of a pair of like-for-like replacement bushes for the inner and outer housings found on the rear wishbone, both made from the firm’s highly regarded progressive polyurethane. Not only is this material incredibly resistant to the kind of forces applied to suspension components on a daily basis, it’s impervious to many of the contaminants that would serve to shorten the life of a factory, rubber bush, examples of which include petrochemicals, water, salt and daylight.

SuperPro polyurethane bushes for the VW T5 also boast a number of special features, all designed to promote improved tyre contact with the road, polished handing and better road holding in general. The firm’s kit for the T5 includes voided bushes, specially designed units with recesses around their edges. These provide room for polyurethane to move into when it’s displaced when placed under load, cutting Noise Vibration and Harshness (NVH) and ensuring their suitability for day to day road use.

“We’ve had these very bushes fitted to our own T5 for the last 6 months and the difference has been marked,” explains Richard Fearn, SuperPro’s director of European operations. “It’s worth noting that our demo had covered a mere 80,000 miles at the time, so fitting the inner and outer rear bushes to an older, higher mileage example would make an even more noticeable difference.”

Camber Correction Bushes

Though undeniably hugely talented, the T5 isn’t totally without fault chassis-wise, the most obvious example of this being the model’s propensity to display excessive rear camber when lowered, heavily laden or equipped with a weighty aftermarket body. No matter the cause, excessive camber will result in a number of problems, with reduced grip and balance, and increased tyre wear thanks to a smaller contact patch being the most serious. This problem can now be countered with a bespoke solution from SuperPro, namely the firm’s latest adjustable rear inner and outer control arm bush kits, themselves the result of a comprehensive research and development programme.

camber correction brushes SuperPro announces camber correction bushes for VW Transporter/Caravelle T5 2WD and 4WD

Designed to enable alignment correction and toe and camber angle adjustment (2mm and 0.5 degrees respectively available per kit), SuperPro’s adjustable inboard and outboard bushes feature an offset pivot point with eccentric centres. As is the case with all SuperPro bushes, these allow the bush to rotate around the crush tube running through them, but the difference here is that their offset design can be used to accurately control the angle of the lower arms, effectively giving control over the vehicle’s camber, and all without the need for an expensive mechanical solution.

The amount of camber correction required should dictate whether or not both inner and outer rear bushes are required, though it’s worth noting that fitting the pair will give a greater degree of control over camber and toe. SuperPro recommend those who intend on lowering their T5s by a significant amount or use their T5s for commercial applications (particularly those transporting heavy loads on a regular basis) fit both inboard and outboard bushes.

“Fitting our adjustable control arm bushes can make a big difference to both the manner in which a T5 drives and how it reacts to reduced height suspension and or heavy loads. As is the case with our regular, standard replacement items, these bushes are constructed from progressive material, hence the improvement in handling they offer.”

It should go without saying that the SuperPro T5 camber kit also comes with other benefits, namely the added resilience to distortion and contaminants promised by the polyurethane material itself. This means that SuperPro bushes, unlike offerings from rival firms, are able to offer improved handling and more responsive steering, and all without resulting in increased NVH. The bushes are backed up by a unique three-year/36,000 mile guarantee.

SuperPro’s VW T5 rear control arm bushes have been designed to extend the capabilities and everyday usability of these justifiably popular vehicles. Fitting standard replacement bushes can help improve handling, while the firm’s extensively tested adjustable bushes enable an impressive degree of camber and toe adjustment.

For more information, please click to www.superpro.eu.com

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