superpro engine mount polo 628x356 SuperPro Volkswagen Engine Steady Mount Bush Kit For Polo 9N

SuperPro Volkswagen Engine Steady Mount Bush Kit For Polo 9N

Chassis and suspension specialist SuperPro has introduced an uprated engine mount kit for the Volkswagen Polo 9N chassis that has been designed to improve refinement and eliminate vibration and torque steer– particularly on smaller diesel 3-cylinder models.

The Australian manufacturer has released a comprehensive catalogue of upgrade parts for this particular VW platform, to allow discerning owners to improve feedback and precision of their car. This precision-moulded bush and OEM quality crush tube will drastically reduce engine movement without sacrificing ride quality or inducing NVH into the car’s road manners. Until now, even the very best of performance aftermarket engine mount kits had brought significant noise, vibration, and harshness into the cabin of the vehicle, but many felt that this was worth living with to overcome the shortcomings of the OEM bushes. SuperPro has addressed all of these issues with its design however, offering high levels of refinement, balanced with optimum performance.

Although relatively refined, OEM rubber bushes do allow a high degree of movement and get worn fairly quickly. Many aftermarket mounts will do a great job at reducing this engine movement but not without detriment to comfort. SuperPro offers the perfect alternative with its unique polyurethane formulation. The kit offer more progression than some of its harsher rivals, meaning that NVH levels are kept very close to OEM starting points, creating a car that involves, without ever being intrusive. The main dynamic advantages of this new kit are a noticeable reduction in vibration and torque steer. This extra degree of control is achieved without disadvantage, thanks to the innovative use of flat and grooved surfaces in the moulding, allowing for movement in desired planes, but precision and integrity where truly required.

The kit fits all engine variants of the Polo 9N listed below – as well as several other VW Group models – and is a direct replacement for the OEM parts. Although more than up to the task of being a fast road or even race part, this SuperPro bush manages to walk a very fine line between track-day precision and everyday usability – making it perfect for any car that just needs to feel fresher and tighter in its operation.

This latest addition means that almost all OE bushes on the Volkswagen Polo 9N can now be replaced with SuperPro equivalents.

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