DSC 9655 628x356 SuperPro VW Golf 7 Supaloy Front Control Arms

SuperPro VW Golf 7 Supaloy Front Control Arms

Australian chassis expert SuperPro has launched a superb new suspension enhancement for all VW Golf 7 and related VAG Platforms from 2012 on. These new Supaloy lightweight alloy replacement front arms for this latest chassis are also supported by a full range of uprated polyurethane bushes for the rest of the car.

Vastly superior to the heavy steel OEM items originally fitted, these arms offer several tangible benefits in terms of dynamics and aesthetics. A completely original design, these arms offer an impressive 38% weight saving over the factory parts, but it’s not all about weight saving and good looks, thanks to a clever set of design features that will dramatically improve the VW’s handling performance.

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SuperPro’s own, exclusively designed polyurethane front bush reduces flexing under load transfer in the turns, while the innovative Duroball rear mount offers free pivoting action throughout the range of arm movement. The arm’s rear bush is mounted in an innovative compliant polyurethane material for shock absorption, cleverly balancing precision with refinement. The arms also offer an inbuilt caster increase of 1.5 – 2 degrees each side, which gives the car better steering feel and weight, as well as a greater propensity to self-centre at any speed. These arms work perfectly with all standard VAG ball joints.

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The result is a positive nicely weighted feel through the cars steering offering high levels of communication, increased straight line stability and better contact through cornering. In addition, the arms will contribute to un-sprung weight reduction, suspension tuneability as the free pivoting bushes replace standard rubber torsional spring rates and, of course, long life with consistent performance of the suspensions geometry. Perfect for those looking to enjoy fast road or track driving. The arms are supplied in pairs for the impressive list price of £559.00 plus VAT.

For more information, please click to www.superpro.eu.com

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