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hofele golf v 430x244 Hofele Design VW Golf V GTI

Hofele-Design VW Golf V GTI

March 22, 2008 | 2 Comments

Hofele-Design is a innovative company in the product-range of car-accessories with international markets and supply to important car-producers and trade-companies worldwide. The special interest goes to the brands „Audi“ and „VW“. Specially for this brands...

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mk5 downpipe 430x244 Downpipes for 2.0T Jetta, GTI and Audi A3

Downpipes for 2.0T Jetta, GTI and Audi A3

March 21, 2008 | 2 Comments

Euro Sport Accessories, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of high performance products for Volkswagen and Audi. Euro Sport Accessories is proud to announce its new downpipe for Volkswagen GTIs and Jettas and Audi A3s...

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Powered by a detuned version of the new 2.0 T-FSI power plant from the current Audi S3, the limited edition VW Golf GTI Edition 30 is, with 230 hp (DIN), already well powered. OETTINGER, the...

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005 430x244 VW Golf .:R GTI

VW Golf .:R GTI

November 7, 2006 | 12 Comments

Thirty years ago Volkswagen launched the GTI, the “hot hatch” that would revolutionize the concept of affordable and accessible high-performance motoring. Now comes the R GTI, a look forward into the future of compact car...

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vw polo b b 430x244 Volkswagen Polo GTI by B&B

Volkswagen Polo GTI by B&B

August 9, 2006 | 0 Comments

For the new VW Polo GTI Edition 180 hp the VW & AUDI performance tuning company B&B is able to fall back on over ten years experience in tuning the Polo’s 1.8 Turbo engine, an...

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