Tarox Polo Gti Kit Front 628x356 Tarox Motorsport Brake Kit For VW Polo Gti

Tarox Motorsport Brake Kit For VW Polo Gti

Braking maestro Tarox has released a superbly engineered brake kit to tame the impressive power and tidy handling of VAGs latest trio of high-performance hot hatches. The new kit fits VW Polo Gti (also the Seat Ibiza Cupra and Skoda Fabia VRS models produced after 2010) and promises epic levels of retardation combined with stunning good looks.

Each kit is hand-assembled in Tarox’s Italian factory and features some unique design features that set it apart from the competition. Based around the race-proven B30 6 piston billet calipers, the new VAG kit utilises two 323mm heat-treated discs which can be ordered in either F2000 (grooved only) or Sport Japan (drilled and grooved) design. The rotor is made from the highest quality European high carbon cast, making for a disc that will withstand much greater heat cycling without distortion. All components bolt to the existing OEM mounts, integrating perfectly with factory ABS systems, where fitted.

Despite offering a tangible improvement over the factory’s paltry 288mm discs and single pot calipers, The Tarox kit boasts a weight saving of over 1kg per corner, thanks to the use of motorsport materials and manufacturing techniques.

Owners can choose from either the ‘Strada’ street pad, for all-round ‘press-on’ driving, or for those who like to venture out onto the track from time to time, the ‘Corsa’ circuit-focussed pad provides more than enough friction to handle even the most ardent of drivers.

Tarox B30 6 kit 628x418 Tarox Motorsport Brake Kit For VW Polo Gti

The complete kit nd includes all fittings, lines and fluid, ready to be fitted. The lines are Tarox’s all new stainless steel braided race quality units, which enjoy a lifetime guarantee.

For more information on the Tarox range, please click to en.tarox.com/

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