passatcc tuning 550x356 the ABT Passat CC

the ABT Passat CC

The abbreviation “CC“ stands for “Comfort Coupé“: an elegant 4-door vehicle. “But who says that a Comfort Coupé mustn’t be sporty?” asks Hans-Jürgen Abt. The managing director of ABT Sportsline is enthused by the curved lines of the Wolfsburg vehicle, but thinks that “a bit more power would definitely suit” this stylish car.

That is why the renowned Kempten-based tuner offers ABT Power packages for the CC, too. They make the coupé more dynamic, and a still more superior appearance is guaranteed. The 1.8 TSI’s serial 160hp (118kW) are turned into mighty 200hp (147kW); thanks to ABT Power, the 2.0 TSI enjoys a power upgrade to 240hp (177kW). This turns the ABT Passat CC into a really sporty car, as the Allgäu-based tuners take care that the elegant coupé offers meatier performance also when it comes to acceleration. ABT Power will soon be available for the 2.0-TDI versions, too. Then, the diesel engine will deliver powerful 190 or 170hp (140/124kW) instead of the serial 170 and 140hp respectively (125/103kW).

passatcc custom the ABT Passat CC

tuning passat cc

The ABT experts treated the newcomer to suspension springs and a lowering of the center of gravity so that the CC can be handled optimally in every road situation. That makes the coupé look very sporty even when standing still. However, the real qualities of these components, which are perfectly tuned to the car and its character, are only revealed while driving: the ABT Passat CC loves to be driven on winding roads and remains neutral even in the limit range. Suspension springs and power upgrade set highlights when it comes to maximizing driving pleasure.

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passat cc

In order to round off the visual appearance of the CC, ABT Sportsline recommend their company’s wheel creations. The AR and the BR wheel rims are both available in sizes 18 to 20 inch. “It is of course a matter of taste which wheel the client prefers, but, personally, I think that the BR wheel with its corresponding spoke pairs suits the CC particularly well,” says Hans-Jürgen Abt. Of course AR and BR wheel rims are available in combination with suitable tires by the ABT partners Continental and Dunlop.

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