golf v 1k variant 550x356 The ABT Variant   a Golf for all seasons

The ABT Variant – a Golf for all seasons

Who says that a station wagon must be a boring vehicle? Practical, multifunctional and dynamic – the new Golf Variant by ABT Sportsline combines these attributes perfectly. The world’s leading Volkswagen-tuner developed a wonderful body kit for the most practical model of the Golf family.

The low front spoiler lip gives the face of the Variant an even more distinctive and therefore sportier touch. Together with the side skirts, the rear wing and the 2-pipe rear muffler made of stainless steel, the vehicle gets an overall successful appearance. The ABT Golf Variant appears even there beautiful where normally usefulness reigns. In simple words, at places where the family’s luggage or bulky things are loaded. As perfect complement for the elegant station wagon, we recommend wheels by ABT: No matter if the well-proven AR or the new BR wheel with its corresponding spoke-pairs – the wheel creations from Kempten suit the Golf Variant perfectly. AR and BR wheels are both available in sizes up to 19 inch, of course also with suitable tires.

The designation “Variant” stands for high utility and flexibility; after a power treatment by the engineers by ABT Sportsline the car also offers a maximum of driving pleasure. This is achieved by power upgrades, which ABT offers for all kind of engines. The 1.4 TFSI then delivers sporty 210hp (154kW) instead of 170hp (125kW). Depending on the serial performance, the 1.9 TDI now delivers either 115hp (85kW) or 130hp (96kW). In both versions, the diesel engine delivers additional 25hp. The performance of the two-liter diesel engine is increased from 170hp (125kW) to powerful 190hp (140kW).

In order to bring the additional power on the road and to enable the agile station wagon to whip through the corners, ABT Sportsline recommends different suspension components: ABT springs, ABT adjustable sports suspension and the ABT ISC shock absorber set, perfectly adjusted to the special requirements of sporty vehicles. And that is exactly what the Golf Variant by ABT is: A powerfully accelerating all-rounder, which is fast over short and long distances. As multifunctional as this car is, one thing it is certainly not: Boring.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 The ABT Variant   a Golf for all seasons

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