VW Amarok Beast 1 628x356 The Delta Beast

The Delta Beast

Amarok is the name of a gigantic wolf in Inuit mythology. Wolves are renown for their skills of hunting in a pack.
Legend has it that the Amarok was a solitary hunter who tracked down and devoured all those foolish enough to venture out alone in the wilderness at night.

delta transforms this docile, well-behaved pick-up into a massive 2.25 meter monster, in doing so it sacrifices nothing of the Amarok’s excellent road handling, however a certain degree of athleticism is required to get into the drivers seat.

VW Amarok Beast 3 550x413 The Delta Beast

delta enhances the Amorak off road qualities with a ground clearance of more than 300mm and an impressive 36° angle of driving slope (standard is 28°).

The “delta Beast” collection kicks off with a 100mm body lift kit priced at 1.700€, a set of big wheels with off road tires from 2.500€. A front bar, European Pedestrian Safety approved for 570€, and black styling bar for 590€. The sizable fender flares are on offer for 1.500€.

VW Amarok Beast 2 550x365 The Delta Beast

Pricing of the complete “delta Beast” starts from 50.000€.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 The Delta Beast

3 Responses to The Delta Beast

  1. Reinier Doyer says:

    Dear Sirs, Where, by whom, through whom can I order the The Delta Beast collection kit, for the Amarok ? Very much would I appreciate to receive the address and/or contact details.

  2. Robert says:

    Wow … realy nice Prickup Truck

    I think your article is really good, but why do you make the pictures so small?

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