VW Golf VI Variant kl 628x356 The Eibach version of the New Golf Estate

The Eibach version of the New Golf Estate

With a boot volume of up to 1550 litres the New Golf Estate offers plenty of storage room for shopping. The Wolfsburg car also provides room for plenty of driving enjoyment, as Eibach proves in OE quality with an extensive suspension package. Due to its modular concept, customers can upgrade their vehicle step-by-step or decide themselves which components they want.

The Pro-Kit Performance Suspension Springs, which lower the centre of gravity of the vehicle, are a core element of this. They give the estate bodywork, with its longitude emphasis, an extra touch of elegance and convey extra road holding and dynamism in every curve – without affecting the driving comfort. Overall Golf drivers are thereby presented with a balanced tuning, which has become a typical symbol of Eibach products thanks to its decades of experience on the race track and the road.

Anyone who wishes to push the boundaries of the New Golf Estate further with regards to dynamism, can gain an ideal supplement for the set-up with the Pro-Damper Sports Performance Shocks. For an ideal overall offer, Eibach combines both products in the Pro-System. An often underrated upgrade, but one which is close to the hearts of motorsport professionals, is the performance sway bar set, which Eibach offers as the „Anti-Roll-Kit”. It is the most effective means of reducing the tendency to roll, and has virtually no effect on the comfort level of the vehicle. The final stress is provided by the Pro-Spacer Wheel Spacers, made of high-tensile-strength aluminum. Even when the Wolfsburg car is fully loaded they provide uncompromisingly commanding road handling. And they also let a best seller like the New Golf Estate stand out tastefully in the crowd.

All Eibach suspension components, which are available through authorised dealers, are provided with a high-quality corrosion protection and are TÜV-certified.

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