Cobra T6Bus 628x356 The exclusive Cobra accessories range for the new VW T6 Microbus

The exclusive Cobra accessories range for the new VW T6 Microbus

The VW Microbus has been around since 1950 and the ongoing 65-year success story now continues seamlessly with the new T6. In time for the start of sales, Cobra Technology & Lifestyle presents an equally exclusive and functional accessories range for the latest evolution of the bestseller.

Cobra Technology & Lifestyle was one of the pioneers in the development of energy-absorbing front guards and naturally brought this knowledge to bear for the new VW T6 as well. The company has developed a stainless-steel front guard with a tube diameter of 60 millimeters for all variants of the new model series. Thanks to its flexible mount, the accessory yields in a collision but protects the bodywork of the vehicle nonetheless.

During the mandatory crash testing required for certification, the component remained well below the strict limits set by the current EU regulation 2009/78 on pedestrian protection. For this reason, the flexibly mounted Cobra Technology & Lifestyle front guard comes with an EC type approval, which eliminates the need for individual safety inspections and amending the vehicle registration documents.

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle front protection system for the new T6 is available in three different versions: Customers can choose between a chrome-plated front guard, a titanium-look version and a front guard with matte black plastic coating, which can also be painted in vehicle or contrasting color.

To enhance active safety further, the front guard can be fitted with additional high-beam headlamps. Two different brackets allow attaching the headlamps to the upper or lower crossbar of the guard.

There are various options from Cobra Technology & Lifestyle for upgrading the sides of the VW T6 Microbus with short or long wheelbase. The company offers stainless-steel rocker panel guards, which depending on the vehicle are fitted with one or two plastic steps on each side of the vehicle. Like the front guard, these accessories also have a tube diameter of 60 millimeters and come in three different surface finishes and with or without LED entrance lights.

Robust rocker panel guards made from brushed stainless steel that protect the rocker panels and are not designed as entry and exit aids are alternatively available. Cobra Technology & Lifestyle offers robust aluminum running boards as the third custom option. They are available with or without LED entrance lights.

In addition, Cobra Technology & Lifestyle sells chrome-plated covers for the two exterior mirrors.

The Cobra Technology & Lifestyle stainless-steel roof rails, available as a set, come in the right versions for all vehicles with short or long wheelbase and with or without roof edge strips.

To give the rear a more exciting appearance and optimize aerodynamic efficiency, Cobra Technology & Lifestyle offers a roof spoiler, available in two different versions for vehicles with liftgate or rear doors.

The rear appearance of the T6 can be upgraded additionally with the Cobra Technology & Lifestyle rear bumper made from brushed stainless steel. Alternatively, Cobra Technology & Lifestyle also sells a rear guard that attaches to the underside of the rear bumper. Like the front guard and the rocker panel guards, this component is also available in three different surface finishes.

More exclusivity can be added to the interior of the people mover with stainless-steel scuff plates with backlit Cobra Technology & Lifestyle logo.

All Cobra Technology & Lifestyle components are sold backed by a 24-month warranty with unlimited miles.

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