The new ABT CR wheel

ABT CR wheel w brake kl 550x550 The new ABT CR wheel
What does a wheel from ABT Sportsline have to look like? It should be unmistakable yet typically ABT, and sporty, classy and extravagant enough to additionally refine the automobile creations from Allgau. It is precisely this certain extra something that gives added value to high-quality vehicles, and which has already made the AR and BR models hits. And the new ABT CR is also the icing on the cake for cars from the Volkswagen group. Regardless of whether the car is intended to bear the hallmarks of “ABT” with performance improvements and optical design or remain as series standard – the ABT CR underlines its character in all cases.

The new alloy highlight combines different worlds into a wonderful whole. It looks dynamic and extremely sporty, but is still elegant and timelessly modern. This is precisely why it suits everyday driving. The ABT CR is a high-end wheel for individuals with style: its five-spoke star, which runs in a pincer-shape into the alloy rim, does not just symbolize openness and lightness, which are fundamental to sports driving, but it seems to put the road through the mill even when motionless. The double-claw arms allow the ABT CR to seem virtually weightless yet powerful, suiting the limousines just like Cabrios or Coupes. The interplay of power and solidity is also achieved by the colour scheme – polished surfaces harmonise perfectly with elements in glossy mystic anthracite. This results in a precise look – “an alloy for indulgence”.

The new wheel is available in 18, 19, 20, 21 and proud 22 inch sizes, and of course also
with high-performance tyres. Many VW and Audi vehicles, from the Golf and Scirocco via the A4, A5, A6, A8 and R8 to the Tiguan, Touareg, Q5 and Q7 can now be equipped with the ABT CR. Now nothing else stands in the way of a great spring for automobiles.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 The new ABT CR wheel

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