GTI 2FAST4U TShirt red 550x356 The New T Shirt for GTI Fans

The New T-Shirt for GTI Fans

GTI 2FAST4U – too fast for you: That’s the slogan of the new t-shirts for drivers and fans of the GTI. The high-quality t-shirts with ‘GTI 2FAST4U’ logo on the front are available now exclusively online at

The tees come in black and midnight blue with silver logo and in red and olive green with black print. The shirts are available in men’s sizes M through 3XL. The lady’s tees have a narrower waist and come in sizes XS through XL.

The ‘GTI 2FAST4U’ t-shirts cost EUR 20 including shipping and handling. They are available exclusively online at

pinit fg en rect gray 20 The New T Shirt for GTI Fans

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