sportwheels golf 6 r 5 1277710047 628x356 Tuning for the VW Golf 6 R

Tuning for the VW Golf 6 R

I’m sure you like to see great cars. Here is the most recent project from Sport Wheels, based on the new VW Golf 6 R. The car is lowered with a KW Coilover v3 suspension.

sportwheels golf 6 r 22 1277710045 628x418 Tuning for the VW Golf 6 R

The wheels are 20’’ OZ wheels Ultraleggera Custom Painted with 235/30 R20 tires. The car has also a custom handmade 76mm exhaust system and customization of the ECU software. There are 3 stages available, 315hp/440Nm, 330hp/450Nm and stage 3 is still in development. There is also a custom vinyl works. Enjoy the pictures and the video.

sportwheels golf 6 r 10 1277710044 628x418 Tuning for the VW Golf 6 R

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