KW Golf6 R 04 628x356 Turn the sportiest VW Golf R into something even more agile

Turn the sportiest VW Golf R into something even more agile

A simple “R” denotes the sporty flagship product at Volkswagen. To give the new Golf VI R the optimum suspension that suits every individual driver, the world’s leading coilover expert KW offers perfect solutions that have been optimised on the in-house drive dynamic test rig.

The KW coilovers Variant 1 with the pre-set dampening characteristic is coordinated to suit the weight of the vehicle, the axial loads and the overall chassis geometry. KW is offering the coilover with the TÜV-tested lower suspension setting range of 5 to 35 millimetres in the basic version for just 849 Euro including value-added tax, or for 949 Euro in the stainless steel version “inox-line”.

KW V2 t Turn the sportiest VW Golf R into something even more agile

The KW coilovers Variant 2 also offer the same advantages, but here the rebound can be adjusted individually. This allows the ambitious driver to adjust the suspension even more precisely to suit the individual preferences. The coilover Variant 2 basic is available for just 1099 Euro. The stainless steel version “inox-line” is available for just 1249 Euro.

The maximum individual adjustments are possible with the KW coilovers Variant 3. Besides the TÜV-tested lower suspension setting, both the rebound as well as the compression stage can be adjusted individually and independent of each other. KW makes this suspension exclusively for the demanding driver using the “inox-line” stainless steel technology, and is offering it for 1549 Euro SRP.

For those drivers who want to drive their Golf VI R on racing tracks as well, KW has developed the KW clubsport coilover. This can be adjusted optimally to suit the weight of the vehicle, the tyre characteristics, different track conditions and the conditions under which it is used. KW is offering the complete solution for the race track including the aluminium top mounts with uniball bearings that are adjustable and fit for race tracks for just 1999 Euro.

KW delivers all coilovers as ready to install, complete solutions with all the necessary installation and add-on parts including the pre-mounted threaded suspension struts, adjustment spring cups, impact protection and dust protection systems. Of course, a detailed manual with instructions for installation and the corresponding Certificate by the Technical Control Board (TÜV) are part of the scope of delivery.

More information about the wide-ranging program of the suspension expert KW automotive with suspension, stabilisers, complete suspension and coilover kits as well as the application lists is available on the internet at

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