eos aez 550x356 Unique multimedia Eos with AEZ Nemesis forged rims

Unique multimedia Eos with AEZ-Nemesis forged rims

What happens when Nemesis, the goddess of retribution, encounters Eos, the goddess of dawn? Both of these exquisite ladies make Carlos Correia happy. With the Sunshine Eos, he has brought his next highlight to the start, after the furious Las Vergas Touran. Although the emphasis was again on the field of multimedia this time, only the best was good enough for him, with all of the components.

Such as the exclusive Nemesis forged wheel, by AEZ, which adorns the wheel cases in the dimensions, 8.5 and 9.5 x 19 inches (ET 30 / ET 35). With the beguilingly anodised surface, the powerfully forked spokes toward the end, between which the massive 342 millimetre brake disks peep through, and the attractive multi-part design, these also form the well for massive tyres. With their respectable size of 235/35 front and 265/30 rear, they even succeed in transferring the very immense torque of the performance-enhanced 2.0 TDIs onto the asphalt. 520 Nm and 245 PS paw the ground.

With so much power, the chassis itself copes effortlessly. In order to retain suitability for everyday use, Carlos Correia relies on a Pro Street S Threaded Suspension by Eibach, which was adapted from the Golf V. In order to satisfy the higher weight, Eibach Pro Kit Suspensions from the Passat 3C model are used.

Of course, Carlos Correia particularly put his heart into the sophisticated multimedia fittings. As already with the Las Vegas Touran, he relies on high-quality components by Alpine Electronics, such as the head unit, loudspeaker and monitors. The Sunshine Eos is truly a car for the gods – and rolls on fitting wheels by AEZ. Such an extraordinary car can also win a prize: From 31st August until 2nd September, the vehicle will be taking part in the renowned Pirelli Tuning Award, as one of 50 finalists.

More information at www.aez-wheels.com, www.eibach.de, www.alpine.de or www.sunshine-eos.com

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Unique multimedia Eos with AEZ Nemesis forged rims

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