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USP Motorsports Releases High-Performance Engine Dampe

USP Motorsports is proud to announce the addition of the USP Motorsports Engine Damper for 1.8T and 2.0 Platforms to its every increasing product portfolio. The USP Motorsports Engine Damper is produced in partnership with Vibratech Inc., the leader in engine dampers, that is most known for their “Fluidampr” line of Engine Dampers. The USP Motorsports Engine Damper fills a void that exists in the VW/Audi performance aftermarket when building a high-horsepower high-revving engine.

This innovation in VW/Audi performance will increase the life of your engine by eliminating the negative effects of harmful engine vibration due to increased performance. The USP Motorsports Engine Damper will also reduce downtime of your VW/Audi by keeping your flywheel, crank trigger wheels and timing gears from walking off the crankshaft and causing potential damage.

So do your engine a favor and keep those nasty vibrations under control and keep your 1.8T or 2.0T in harmonic balance.

The USP Motorsports Engine Damper delivers the following benefits:
• Decreased engine vibration. No more flywheels, crank trigger wheels, or timing gears falling off of the crankshaft. This was unavoidable when revving past 8000 RPM in the past.
• Decreased “Clutch/Gear Box Chatter” caused by lightweight, single-mass flywheels.
• Reduction in RPM drops when shifting in a competitive environment.
• Gains of 3-10 whp and 5-13 ft.-lbs. of torque depending on your current setup.
• An overall more efficient and reliable engine.
These will be normally priced at $430 plus shipping. However, now until June 20th, 2009 we will be offering these to vortex members for $375 shipped within the U.S.

International orders please contact sales@uspmotorsports.com to place your order.

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