vmaxx 628x356 V MAXX Sports Springs for VW Golf Mk1 Cabrio GTi/GLi/GLS

V-MAXX Sports Springs for VW Golf Mk1 Cabrio GTi/GLi/GLS

V-Maxx’s busy team of talented engineers have been at it again – this time perfecting and tailoring a range of effective chassis upgrades for the rapidly appreciating Mk1 Golf GTi Cabrio. This kit is a direct replacement for the model’s factory springs and has been designed to work effectively with the OEM dampers – or any quality aftermarket offerings. Fitting both 1.6 and 1.8 variants, these springs are a great way to get any Golf Cabrio sitting and handling better. As many of these cars are now over a quarter of a century old, it’s probably not a bad idea to freshen the old units up, anyway!

The V-MAXX kit springs draw heavily from the manufacturers’ impressive experience of all VW models. Wound from the very same steel that V-MAXX uses for its competition springs, these are pre-stressed to prevent sagging, before being shot-peened for tempering and then electrostatically powder coated for a long and happy life. Fitting precisely as per the OE parts, these springs fit quickly and easily and lower the recipient Golf significantly. In fact, three different kits are available, offering a range of lowering options. From the more drastic -70/-60mm Front/Rear through to the more staggered -65/-45 set-up and onto an extremely subtle -35mm all round. As you would expect from a product of this quality, each kit comes with full TUV certification.

Using innovative progressive winding technology, each spring offers two distinct characteristics within the one component. A softer, more compliant area for riding around on every day, as well as commuting and low speed driving – and then a stiffer section which is brought into play when the car is thrown into corners at greater angles of lean. It means the VW can be comfortable and cosseting when required, or focussed and precise when the conditions dictate.

For more information, please click to www.v-maxx.co.uk

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