VentPod for Mk5 Golf/Jetta

pod golf v VentPod for Mk5 Golf/Jetta
NewSouth Performance, LLC introduces the ultimate VentPod for the 2006-2009 VW Mk5 chassis.Specifically designed for the driver’s side vent of the VW Mk5 chassis for GTI, Rabbit and Jetta, the NewSouth Performance VentPod is CAD-designed to fit virtually any 2 1/8” (52mm) gauge on the market.

The Mk5 VentPod matches the texture and color of the factory vent slats. It is ergonomically optimized for maximum visibility to the driver and simultaneous viewing of the VentPod and the tachometer.

Installation is a breeze with a snap-in fit that replaces the existing vent slats. The NoBracket™ mounting system eliminates any external mounting hardware for a clean look, better air flow through the vent, and keeps the full function of the ventilation cut-off flap.

Mk5 VentPod is also offered in a complete package including a NewSouth Performance Indigo gauge, a fitting for an FSI, TFSI or TDI engine and an illustrated manual.

The VW Mk5 VentPod and kits are available immediately from an international network of distributors. For more information or to order directly from NewSouth Performance, click here.

Price is $55 and there is also a VentPod Installation Manual available for download.

For more information on NewSouth Performance products contact:

NewSouth Performance, LLC

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