mobilead VERSATILE AUTOMOTIVE DIAGNOSTICS After 15 years of serving the VW/Audi performance market, HPA Motorsports has partnered with Shade Tree Software to develop an exciting and versatile diagnostics brand for the Volkswagen/Audi community. Experts at high speed road testing, and looking to continue a campaign of customer support to bridge the gap between the workshop and client, HPA recognized that the portability and power within the small Palm device did exactly that.

After months of extensive work behind the scenes hiring staff, updating the software, growing the fault code and vehicle databases, implementing new cable designs, and completing production on a charging cable, HPA are pleased to introduce 2 new product offerings:

VAD Mobile

VAD Mobile, the most portable VW/Audi specific diagnostics tool is now available for the tech savvy driver, pre-bundled with Palm’s top of the line PDA, the Tungsten TX. This all inclusive package makes the perfect give for the student or businessman who is on the go.

This special Bundle includes:

• VAD Mobile with integrated charging cable
• Palm Tungsten TX PDA
• 1GB SD Card
• Aluminum Carrying Case
• In-Car Mounting System

A $689 value

The powerful VAD Mobile software allows you to:

• Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) and “check engine” lights
• Data log in real time or freeze frame mode
• Monitor vehicle Output Tests
• Measure multiple measuring blocks at the same time
• Perform OEM level functions such as Adaptation and Readiness
• Initiate vehicle Auto Scan to add vehicle not included in the software list
• View Measuring Block data in graphical format
• Change Basic Settings on individual ECU’s
• Perform Re-Coding of an ECU
• Save data for future reference in Memo Pad format
The integrated self charging OBD-II connector ensures you handheld device is always charged and won’t leave you stranded.

The Palm Tungsten T/X Features:

• New Palm OS 5.4 operating system
• Intel 312 MHz processor
• 320 X 480 TFT touch screen color display
• Rechargeable, long life Lithium-Ion battery
• Support for MultiMediaCard, SD & SDIO cards
• Support for both PC and MAC users
• Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless technology and Bluetooth® 1.1 wireless technology
• And more…


• 1GB SD card: so you have lots of extra memory space for data-logging, fault code history, and other diagnostic information that otherwise would not fit on the T/X’s internal 128MB memory.
• Dash/window PDA vehicle mount: makes it easy for the driver to read real-time Measuring Blocks and other performance indicators.
• Hard Aluminum T/X case: protects the PDA from being scratched or damaged while it is being stored in your glove box, pocket, etc…

Point, Tap, Connect….It’s that easy with VAD Mobile.
Happy Holidays from Versatile Automotive Diagnostics!

Contact Versatile Automotive Diagnostics at:
604-598-8520 or


The VAD Pro series is a professional workshop tool built for technicians looking for OEM functionality combined with durability, portability, and value.

Besides offering a powerful hand held tool equipped with a comprehensive diagnostics suite that can perform all of your essential VW/Audi service shop needs, the VAG module goes beyond your basic OBD-II scanner, by displaying both vehicle specific fault codes and performing adaptation and readiness reports, formatted virtually the same as the factory tool. Its small size and durable case make it the most portable device for road testing, and its self charging feature allows it to perform flawlessly for hours on end. With its ability to monitor multiple systems simultaneously, display streaming data live on screen in mathematical or graphical format, and save the data for in depth review back at the service shop, this complete package will soon become your techs’ most sought after tool. Lastly, the VADPro-900’s comprehensive vehicle database gives access to all of the latest VW/Audi product offerings, keeping you on par with the pulse of the VW/Audi service industry.

VAD Pro-900: including rugged handheld Pro tool, OBD-II diagnostics cable, 2X2 cable adapter, comprehensive manual, quick start guide, and backup software. MSRP US$1695.00.



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