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Volkswagen E-Bugster Concept

E-Bugster with an “E” for electric motor and “Bugster” from the word bug for Beetle was the new Beetle at display at the Auto Show in Beijing this past April. It is by far the sportiest Beetle ever. This two seater new Beetle with an 85 kW power can make the speedster go from a 0 to 100 km/h in 10.8 seconds, and there is no emission.

The E-Bugster has an array of innovative and advanced features that can help in setting it apart from other cars in the segment. The Blue-e-Motion is the complete electric drive unit by Volkswagen. It weighs about 80 kg consisting of the lithium-ion battery tucked behind the front seats. This battery has a capacity of 28.3kWh providing at least 180 km. There is a quick charge option that recharges the battery in 35 minutes. The E-Bugster has a new Combined Charging System that enables it to be filled up and ready using any available charging ports, be it a single-phase charging with AC current or an ultra-fast DC charging station.

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The Blue-e-Motion also gives the E-Bugster the power to be charged while driving. There is an instrument showing the driver the battery regeneration intensity. This means, as soon as the driver’s foot is off the brake or accelerator pedal, kinetic energy converts to electricity and then it is stored in the battery.

This speedster is designed to make the Beetle look more dynamic and sporty. Its height is decreased by 90mm and the outer body is shaped to be in line with a sports car look. The interior also has sporty elements with the sport seats and the use of aluminium in the door handles and belt guides. The start button emits an extraordinary feature with its white light followed by blue light show on ignition. The light pulses as a start nod and then beams through the door window sills, air nozzles, etc to carry on the cool factor.

All in all, if gone to production, this could be the new thing for Volkswagen. The fan following of the Beetle is surely likely to venture into buying this speedster version of the old and fave classic.

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