volkswagen tuning 550x356 Volkswagen GTI Performance Concept

Volkswagen GTI Performance Concept

The Wörthersee GTI Meet is taken very seriously by Volkswagen, take the insane GTI W12 650 Concept for example which was unveiled at last years event alongside the Audi TT Clubsport. This year sees a mystery Volkswagen GTI Performance Concept displayed although the German manufacturer has failed to provide any information about it leaving us to analyse the vehicle with our well trained eyes.

The striking exterior gets a widebody styling kit with lowered suspension and sport wheels which aerodynamically help enhance driving performance. When we get round to the rear we find 2 huge trapezoidal exausts tips surrounded by a few oversized wire mesh screens. Look up into the boot to find a couple of nitrous oxide tanks and customized trimmings to make it look stock. The black and orange sports livery coupled with the quite pointless Lambo Styled Doors (LSD) complete the look. The black and orange color scheme continues in the interior which reveals a 2+1 seating layout with custom Recaro seats, which places the rear occupant in the center of the car, leaving extra room in the rear for an over-the-top audio system.

vw tunning lsd Volkswagen GTI Performance Concept

vw performance concept

vw tunning gti Volkswagen GTI Performance Concept


There are more pictures on the VW Golf V gallery.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Volkswagen GTI Performance Concept

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