vw polo b b 550x356 Volkswagen Polo GTI by B&B

Volkswagen Polo GTI by B&B

For the new VW Polo GTI Edition 180 hp the VW & AUDI performance tuning company B&B is able to fall back on over ten years experience in tuning the Polo’s 1.8 Turbo engine, an engine found in many VW & AUDI models which B&B have successfully been enhancing.

At the entry level engine power is increased to 210 hp for the price of EUR 998,-. This is achieved by a change in the electronics whereby boost is slightly increased and the electronic injection maps are readjusted. In the following stages engine power is heaved to 220, 250, and 272 hp and finally incredible 300 hp and 410 Nm at the last, EVO R stage. To achieve these performance levels our B&B technicians exchange the standard 1.8L motor against a completely modified engine with new B&B special pistons, connecting rods, a special cylinder head and a large turbocharger. Extensive changes to the charge air cooling and and the injection system are also undertaken.

To further reduce exhaust gas temperature and back pressure a special exhaust system has been developed for the Race-Polo with a large downpipe and a high-performance racing catalyst. Oil temperature is always kept at an optimal state through the installation of a thermostat-controlled Slim-Line oil cooler. B&B’s extremely powerful Polo GTI blasts from 0-100km/h in 5.8 seconds and speed limitation doesn’t set in until 254km/h.

To secure optimal safety at these extreme speed levels B&B has developed height adjustable coilover suspension sets in different variations and high-performance brake systems, which keep the Polo safe and on track. Exclusive wheels in 17” and 18” dimensions as well as an eye-catching, muscular body-styling kit round off and complete the exterior look of this small albeit massively powerful Polo GTI.

vw polo bb Volkswagen Polo GTI by B&B

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Volkswagen Polo GTI by B&B

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