james AmarokCross pr 628x356 The VW Amarok V6 by delta4x4

The VW Amarok V6 by delta4x4

Sporting a V6diesel engine with up to 224 HP under its hood the Amarok cruises the roads with noticeably more power than ever with the upgrade by the all-terrain specialists at delta4x4 to the all-terrain features in the new edition of the VW Pickup.

To these ends, the Odelzhausener Tuning Shop has upgraded the current BodyLiftKit from five centimeters to a ten centimeter version for the Amarok. Now the chassis of this Pickup Bestseller is already lifted by 10 centimeters, plus 3 more cm in height from the large sized 305/60R18 tires. The STT Pro model of the all- terrain tires are from the American Off Road Specialist Cooper Tires; they are made for all types of use, so that the Amarok with the delta4x4 upgrade excels on the road and in open terrain both. The US tires are mounted on “KlassikB rims”, the showiest aluminum rims for PickUps in the scope of delta4x4’s upgrade programs by the Bavarian All Terrain Tuning Experts. Also included is a replaceable guide ring which prevents damage to the rims when used in open terrain, or when coming into contact with the curb.

The space required for the large wheels is created by delta4x4’s “WideBody” fender extensions, which extend the vehicle’s width by eight centimeters. This creates the Amarok’s impressive appearance after receiving the upgrade by the specialists in Germany.

Highly inconspicuous is the electric cable winch mounted behind the front bumper, while this mounting technique satisfies the legal requirements for pedestrian safety. The Horn winch with its four tons of tensile strength is quite capable of rescuing the Amarok, as well as other vehicles, even amidst the most arduous conditions.

The delta4x4 Body-Lift set of 100mm runs 1.700 Euro, the 18 inch set of wheels about 3.300 Euro, depending on the tire type. The price for fender extensions comes to 1.700 Euros. The „Horn Winch” at four tons tensile strength costs 2.800 Euro at delta4x4, installation included.

More information on the wheels for the Volkswagen Amarok V6 by delta4x4 can be found on the www.delta4x4.com website under Products/Volkswagen Amarok V6 for download.

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