vw golf r koni 628x356 VW Golf 6 R KONI FSD Shock Absorbers

VW Golf 6 R KONI FSD Shock Absorbers

Koni has released its FSD series shock absorbers for the VW Golf 6 R. The Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) combines the advantages of various dampers in one product. The technology uses a damping system which automatically adjusts to road conditions and driving style.

This feature has an integrated element integrated into the hydraulic valve assembly of the shock absorber. FSD adjusts the current damping force in relation to movement frequency of the vehicle, offering a cost-effective solution as opposed to electronic systems.

Further information about the FSD solutions for the VW Golf 6 R can be found at www.koni.com.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 VW Golf 6 R KONI FSD Shock Absorbers

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