VW Golf GTi Mk5 Front Mount Twintercooler Kit

forge twintercooler kit VW Golf GTi Mk5 Front Mount Twintercooler Kit
The Front Mounting Intercooler is specifically designed to obtain the maximum performance from any turbo engine. Forge is pleased to present the all new Golf 2.0 L FSIT “TWINtercooler”. This bolt-on kit retains the use of the OEM intercooler to produce both horsepower and torque, but more importantly, a huge reduction in inlet temperatures and increased flow efficiency.

This ground breaking innovation features a unique twin-core design which has added greater efficiency throughout the entire RPM band beyond that of a single core setup, Forge achieved this by using the latest core technology with high flow end tank designs to achieve a huge reduction in inlet temperatures.

The purpose of an intercooler isn’t specifically only to increase performance, but to maintain existing performance consistently as heat rises from prolonged use. When modifying turbocharged cars to increase performance, the most common method is to increase the boost output, which results in more heat being generated, which can quickly surpass the capacity of the stock intercooler to effectively keep it cool. Increasing the cooling capacity will maintain that higher power level consistently as heat continues to rise.

Forge spent many months testing various designs and the Twintercooler design emerging as the clear winner. This kit adds greater cooling efficiency throughout the entire RPM band, beyond that of a single intercooler setup, but without any perceived increase in turbo lag.

forge twintercooler VW Golf GTi Mk5 Front Mount Twintercooler Kit

forge twintercooler kit golf VW Golf GTi Mk5 Front Mount Twintercooler Kit

The front mount intercooler kit includes new Samco silicone hoses which connect the intercooler to the turbo piping and throttle body piping. The larger length and width core is designed to provide a better cooling capacity. This kit is available with red, blue or black hoses. It fits the MK5 GTI and MK5 Jetta 2.0T.

A reduction in temps of up to a peak of 20 degrees Fahrenheit from 102 to 82 at 6600 RPM!

Now you can buy this kit for only USD$744.99 at Parts4Euro.com.

About Manufacturer: Forge
All Forge production is carried out in house and controlled by the international standard ISO 9002 for manufacture design and development. With this quality approval in place Forge continues with its commitment to bring the best products and manufacturing processes to the UK, Europe and North America.

All Forge products are guaranteed for life with the Forge “No Hassle” service promise. Over the last two years we have opened our sales and distribution facility in Orlando USA and increased our production and development facilities in the UK to allow us to better serve our growing customer base. This year we are investing heavily in our Research and Development facility in order to embrace the very latest technology.

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pinit fg en rect gray 20 VW Golf GTi Mk5 Front Mount Twintercooler Kit

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