vw 628x356 A VW Guide for New Buyers

A VW Guide for New Buyers

German manufacturer Volkswagen is one of the most respected and trusted car companies in the UK. They are known for creating affordable, reliable and comfortable automobiles and this makes them very popular with families and young motorists. Their name translates to “People’s Car” and this reflects their brand identity perfectly.

New VW buyers will be happy to hear that they have a wide choice of recent vehicles to choose from and one for every type of motorist. Here are a few that are highly worth a look:

The Up has emerged as one of the best city cars available in a fiercely competitive market. Despite its compact dimensions, the Up is remarkably spacious inside and is available in both 3 and 5 door. It is also stylish, practical and great fun to drive. If you need a small car with low running costs, you will struggle to find anything better than this great car.

VW Golf
VW’s flagship car, the multi award-winning Golf is one of the more common cars on the road and this is for good reason. The compact family car is now on its 7th generation and better than ever. It has a superb all round performance with a high-quality interior with plenty of impressive technology. The reliability of the Golf makes it a fantastic investment for any motorist.

VW Passat
It is not just small automobiles that the German brand specialise in and the Passat is a good example of this. The family car is all about class and comfort with an attractive design, premium cabin and spacious interior. It also has a lot of advanced tech and a range of efficient engines to choose from. It ticks all the boxes that a family needs for an automobile and is a smart investment.

VW Tiguan
The Tiguan is VW’s foray into the SUV market, which has exploded in popularity within the last few years. Now on its second generation, the Tiguan is one of the best designed SUVs on the market with good handling, refinement and a classy interior. It is packed with the latest technology and is available in both four-wheel and front-wheel drive systems. It is also economical for an SUV, which makes it enticing for families seeking a practical and comfortable SUV.

Protect Your Investment
The above are just three of VW’s best automobiles available right now, but it is worth looking at their entire range to find one that suits your particular needs. Whilst VW are known for their reliability, it is still important to purchase a Car Warranty if you are buying used and the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. This will protect you if there are any electrical or mechanical faults. Even the best automobiles can encounter issues, so a warranty is an important expense no matter which car you purchase.

VW is an excellent and highly respected automobile manufacturer in this country. Their impressive range is built up of affordable, practical and reliable vehicles and they are a smart choice for any motorist seeking a new car.

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