fifteen52 fender flare kit 594x356 VW Mk5 Golf/GTI/Rabbit Flare Kits

VW Mk5 Golf/GTI/Rabbit Flare Kits

For a limited time Fifteen52 will accept orders for the Mk5 bolt-on fender flare kits. They produce these kits in small runs of ten sets. They are planning for more 10 kit production to be released in approximately two weeks. So if you’ve been waiting since the last run, here’s your chance.

Originally designed for racing applications, this bolt-on flare kit is for the Mk5 GTI, Golf, and US Rabbit (2-door models only). These will add about 55mm clearance in front and 35mm clearance in the rear. Constructed of durable FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), the flares are shipped primed, ready for paint.
fender flare kit 628x463 VW Mk5 Golf/GTI/Rabbit Flare Kits

Installation hardware is included, but professional installation is recommended. To make use of the wider flares both the front and rear fenders will have to be cut out, but how much will depend on your suspension and wheel/tire setup.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 VW Mk5 Golf/GTI/Rabbit Flare Kits

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