VW T6 Frontbar silver LegacyForged silver 18x9 final 628x356 VW T6 Multi Van by delta4x4

VW T6 Multi-Van by delta4x4

Once a hit song entitled “At 66” conquered the music charts in Germany and the hearts of millions of fans. The tried-and-true T6 VW Van has conquered the streets over the past 66 years. A guaranteed best seller with a global fan base spanning all levels of society – all across the world.

“66 and still going strong” would be a good title now for the sixth generation of the VW Van. And just in time for its 66th anniversary delta4x4, the accessory specialist for all-terrain and cross-country vehicles has created a comprehensive accessories packet, including a good 5 centimeters in increased ground clearance.

To make this possible, delta4x4 offers the extra bonus of a lift-kit for the T6 with specially matched Bilstein shock absorbers for both the front and rear axles, lifting the chassis by 25mm. The remaining 2.5cm or 1 inch of ground clearance is gained by adding the 245/65R 17 all-terrain tires by BF Goodrich or Cooper, mounted on highly robust Rally-tested 8×17 inch WP aluminum rims. A front bar in compliance with the EU Personal Safety Guidelines adds to the visual effect and serves the function of holding the optional super-bright lights made by the Japanese Rally specialist PIAA. A sports-edition exhaust system provides the Van’s properly impressive sound and power optimization.

VW T6 Side Lander 22x9 VW T6 Multi Van by delta4x4

Since 66 is not the end of the line, delta4x4 has developed the off-road version and wheel upgrades for the VW T6 to 20 – 22 inches. This allows for the use of the “Lander”- model rims from the delta all-terrain vehicle program, which are especially designed for high tire-loads and can be mounted without a change in lift. An additional off-road version based upon the welded single-piece “Legacy Forged” Rim is presently in the works.

More fun at 66! All upgrades are available for all of the VW T6 models and all motor versions, including the 4motion models. The “lift kit” including the Bilstein shock absorbers for the front and rear axles sells at a price of 1.490 Euros. The complete set of tires which includes four 17 inch delta4x4-WP rims with 245/65R 17 BF Goodrich tires sells for a price of 1.690 Euros. The 20 inch version, which can also be used without the lift, is available at a starting price of 2.290 Euros, and the 22 inch version starts at 3.250 Euros. The front bar with European road approval and tested for pedestrian protection criteria is offered at a starting price of 340 Euros. An additional accessory that is available: the LED super-bright lights made by the Japanese Rally specialists PIAA at 430 Euros.

Additional information on the trusted “off-road” –VW T6 Van can be found on the web page www.delta4x4.com under products/VW T6 for download.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 VW T6 Multi Van by delta4x4

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