58332241 628x356 VW Touareg W12 Sport Edition with 500 PS

VW Touareg W12 Sport Edition with 500 PS

It was not too long ago when the white colour dominated on the automobile scene. The age of business-like chilly “external decoration” is now obviously over. Today, thanks to the complete vehicle lamination with all possible colour variations, we can go back to whiteness with minimal expenses.

CoverEFX from the city of Erftstadt specializes at all kinds of car lamination and has already made a name for itself on the auto scene. No Touareg has been on display in so elegant/sports style before, the W12 Sport Edition doesn’t have to conceal itself neither from the exterior, nor under the motor hood.

1960568 628x418 VW Touareg W12 Sport Edition with 500 PS

The complete vehicle lamination with CFC film in “gun-metal mat/black gloss” colour emphasizes the sportish appearance and protects the original lacquer coating. All the other hang-on parts, like air inlets, front grille and mirrors, as well as chrome molding, are also lacquered in black – and glazed tail lights finalize the general impression.

The room climate is optimized – and the „anthracite-style” glass tinting on all windows of the vehicle is a perfect match to this. Sunscreening film contributes to the general sense of well-being, and the living is just better in a room with comfortably adjusted temperature.

3968564 628x418 VW Touareg W12 Sport Edition with 500 PS

If we look under the motor hood, we will see that Touareg is not just the driver’s limousine. This Touareg can be proud of its drive gear: the W12 edition by CoverEFX, which is, by the way, limited to 500 exemplars, belongs to the most powerful motors offered by VW. With its software optimization system, which includes removal of the speed limiter, a sports air filter and a high-grade steel Cargraphic exhaust silencer, CoverEFX squeezes the impressive 500 hp out of the high-powered Touareg.

Electronic equipment makes the chassis even more sportish, and yet comfortable at the same time. The body lowering has been optimized electronically at the chassis level. So now where other powerful vehicles lose their stability, the W12 Sport Edition easily maintains its steadiness on the road.

4747268 628x418 VW Touareg W12 Sport Edition with 500 PS

Finally, huge 22-inch Kahn RS-L light alloy rims, as big as 10×22 inches, with high-performance 295/30-22 Pirelli Zero Scorpion tyres are brought into action with Touareg. The light alloy rims got additional black powder coating and were further refined with red pinstripes.

The price of the new car, including tuning, amounts to 140,500 Euro

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