jedesign vw touareg facelift 550x356 Wider luxury dream car: VW Touareg (Facelift)

“Wider” luxury dream car: VW Touareg (Facelift)

VW tuning specialists JE DESIGN from Germany now offer the facelifted VW Touareg in their “Wide-Body” version. In addition to the distinctive exterior appearance that the tuners enhances through new rims and LED illumination, JE DESIGN customizes the interior as well using every trick in the book. By customer special request, the German specialists turn the Touareg into a singular piece of work!

Rich in torque!

The Touareg V10 5.0 TDI experiences an optimisation providing this brawny VW SUV with 259 kW / 352 hp which means a power increase of 29 kW / 39 hp. The maximum torque increases from 750 Nm to 855 Nm. Because of the top speed of 234 km/h most limousine drivers will work up a sweat (standard: 225 km/h). In just 7.4 seconds this giant storms from 0 to 100 km/h (standard: 7.8). For the 3.0 V6 TDI JE DESIGN coaxes out 210 kW/ 285 hp and 550 Nm (standard: 165 kW / 225 hp; 500 Nm). The Touareg sprints then in just 8.9 seconds from 0 to 100 (standard: 9.9 sec) and keeps on accelerating till 210 km/h (an additional 9 km/h compared to stock version). The power enhanced engines naturally comply with emissions regulations and come with TÜV parts certification.

Even more powerful appearance

The sporty JE DESIGN styling package for the “Wide Body” conversion is comprised of several components of highest quality and exact accurate fit, giving the Touareg an even more powerful appearance. The front spoiler for the front bumper features a number of cooling vents that are primarily to protect power upgraded engines from dying of heatstroke. Combined to this is a set of side sills with visual air vents, rear skirt attachment for vehicles with PDC plus a tailgate attachment for the lower tailgate area. The complete body kit also includes special wheel arch extensions providing the ultimate “Wide Body” look. The standard produced headlights JE DESIGN replaces with its own double headlight module including fog lights and high beams which provides the Touareg a pair of more attractive “eyes”. In efforts to achieve a homogeneous look, JE DESIGN finishes the original door mouldings by customer preference in matching vehicle colour.

LED´s for special effects

To make the JE DESIGNed Touareg “Wide Body” an eye-catcher at night, they offer a special illumination lighting system for the vehicle entry. Blue LEDs (5 on each side), completely mounted to the bottom of the side sills illuminate the area underneath the doors and provide an unquestionable special effect and also represent a contribution to safety. In the rear, sixfold LED lighting assures a shining effect. Both lighting systems come with TÜV approval.

Perfect road holding

Also being a real eye-turner, two oval stainless steel double tailpipes for left and right give an even sportier look in back. An absolute must-have is the electronical lowering module that JE DESIGN offers for lowering vehicles with air suspension. After installation, the gap between body and road surface is reduced by approximately 35 mm. Vehicles with conventional suspension are offered the choice of lowering springs or stainless steel coilover suspension with adjustable compression and rebound options.

jedesign vw touareg facelift1 Wider luxury dream car: VW Touareg (Facelift)

22 inch wheels and wider track

JE DESIGN adds on the 10-Star-wheel in the form of a complete wheel set in size 10 x 22“ ET55 in outstanding matt black finish with matt silver front and tires 295/30 R 22 Y. Logically, the not exactly undersized wheels of the “Wide Body“ Touareg would not come to light without JE DESIGN´s alteration to the track. The German auto tuners widen the front track by 60 mm and the rear track by 80 mm with aluminium spacers. In conjunction with the wider track and the “Wide Body“ kit, JE DESIGN additionally offers a steering lock limiter for the front axle.

Individualized Interior enhancement

The Touareg experiences a distinguishable enhancement of the interior through a complete carbon treatment. JE DESIGN covers the door panels, shifting gate, lower portion of centre console as well as the upper instrument screen with a carbon-coating. Next to the classical carbon grey-black colour customers can choose other tints such as blue, orange, silver, brown etc. without additional cost.

Of course JE DESIGN will satisfy customer special requests including for example an addition of a multimedia package that has 7” headrest monitors, DVD changer complete with remote control and infrared headphones or a variety of gaming consoles as well. What’s more, JE DESIGN customizes the interior with highest quality leather and alcantra suede in a pallet of colour possibilities. For their Touareg, each customer can receive the JE DESIGN sensational modified dream of luxury!

Further information about the wide range of tuning products provided by JE DESIGN for Volkswagen automobile group can be found in the internet at

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