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Connected Golf

At CES, Volkswagen is also showing the maximum networking potential of the car in the form of the Connected Golf. This e-Golf, which will be equipped with the latest generation (MIB II) infotainment system, will incorporate an enormous range of apps, smartphones and tablets via its progressive interface management system. With online-based functionality, its various features and applications will be organized into several clusters. All of these clusters are implemented in the Connected Golf.

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A look at today’s App-Connect is particularly exciting. As noted above, Volkswagen is one of the first carmakers to integrate the vast majority of smartphone operating systems in models like the Golf, based on App-Connect. The three underlying software interfaces of App-Connect are Mirror Link™, Android Auto™ (Google®) and CarPlay™ (Apple®). Via these interfaces, the driver and passengers in the car are able to use the many different smartphone apps over the infotainment system.

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Beyond the applications of Volkswagen Car-Net, the Connected Golf is equipped with many other innovations. For example, Media Control enables the integration of tablets and smart watches into the infotainment system and uses a special app that creates a new-age rear seat entertainment system. Regular Routes is the name of a function by which the navigation system automatically detects traffic disruptions on the daily commute to work, for instance, and autonomously suggests an available alternative route. Parking Guide is another ingenious navigation feature. It embodies a technology that finds parking sites that have a high probability of available parking spaces.

e-Golf Intelligent Charge

Intelligent Charge in the e-Golf illustrates how electric cars will be made more convenient in the future. Over the mid-term it will be possible to offer inductive charging as an alternative to cable-based charging. In the future, it will be possible to see in just seconds whether the battery is still being charged or whether it is already fully charged by looking at the vehicle’s exterior lights. The e-Station Guide will not only assist electric car drivers in finding a desired charging station, but they will also be informed about their location and charging equipment as well as payment options. As an additional function, the Digital Key lets third parties use a smartphone or smart watch to temporarily and safely gain access to the vehicle and to start or stop the engine.

e-Golf Perfect Parking

Park Assist from Volkswagen automatically guides the car into parallel and perpendicular parking spaces (in reverse) and can also automatically exit parallel parking spaces. When parking into or exiting a space, the system assists the driver by autonomously making optimal movements of the steering wheel to stay on the ideal line. At CES, Volkswagen is introducing an advanced evolutionary stage of Park Assist known as Trained Parking. Here the car (an e-Golf) uses a camera, mounted in the base of the rear-view mirror, to scan a frequently used path into a parking space, and from then on the parking process is executed semi-automatically and precisely by sensors and computer. In the future, it will also be possible to semi-automatically park above an inductive charging station. In another evolutionary stage, the driver would no longer need to stay in the car during parking—he or she would just monitor the operation with a smartphone as a “remote control” device.

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