Eibach Pro Street S Image 628x356 Eibach Release New Pro Street S Kit for Golf V R32 / Golf VI R

Eibach Release New Pro-Street S Kit for Golf V R32 / Golf VI R

Leading suspension house Eibach has just released details of its latest upgrade for the two hottest Mk V Golfs, the R32 and ‘R’ models. Eibach’s Pro-Street S adjustable coilover kit is assembled in the company’s Finnentrop factory in Germany, alongside its motorsport range. This kit offers competition quality, with road car manners – and is suitable for both 3 and 5 door versions of each car.

This latest application, designed specifically for the Mk5, uses the latest materials and construction techniques to give the VW a wide range of ride-height adjustment, while still retaining a fantastic ride quality. As the name suggests, Pro-Street S units are designed with road-use in mind, although thanks to their stainless steel construction, precision damper units and unparalleled build quality, they are also be a pretty effective upgrade on track, too.

During the model’s life, VW offered the car with both 50 and 55m diameter front struts, so Eibach offers two distinct kits to cater precisely for each model.

The adjustable spring seat can be easily wound up or down in order to achieve the perfect stance – or corner weighting, before being easily locked off with a stainless allen bolt. Eibach actually uses the hugely respected ERS range of race springs on the Pro-Street units, which goes a long way towards explaining their race pedigree. Although not designed as a race-spec unit, there are numerous club-level competitors who have used them to great effect in various saloon series around the UK. To that end, the units can also accept any springs from Eibach’s ERS range, allowing rates and free lengths to be adjusted to owner’s preference, if required.

Ride height can be adjusted from anywhere between -5mm and -35mm from these two model’s already lower starting point, offering a truly aggressive stance if required, or a more subtle drop if preferred. Damper rates are computer matched with the springs at the Eibach factory, making the Pro-Street S kit a true ‘fit and forget’ proposition once the desired ride-height has been set.

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