Eibach Golf AWD ARB 550x356 Eibach Releases Golf V/VI 4WD Platform Anti Roll Bar Kit

Eibach Releases Golf V/VI 4WD Platform Anti-Roll Bar Kit

Respected suspension manufacture Eibach has released details of its latest Anti-Roll Bar kit for 4WD variants of VW’s Golf V and VI platform. Thanks to the VW Group’s prolific chassis platform sharing, this application fits many cars, although not the TTRS and RS3 due to their different configuration.

CNC-formed from the same tubular steel, and on the very same line, that Eibach uses for its bespoke OE applications for the likes of Bugatti and Ferrari, this kit contains 2-way adjustable bars measuring 26mm front and 22mm rear.

Benefitting from full TUV approval and an impressive 5 year warranty on the bars (1 year on the associated fitting kit) the bars enjoy a lustrous, electrostatically applied powder coat to ensure that they can laugh off even the saltiest of British winters. Best of all, these bars come pre-fitted with OEM clamps, meaning that replacing the original parts is the work of mere minutes.

The bars allow the effective chassis tuning of these models by reducing load transfer in the turns, without dramatically altering the vehicle’s spring rate. The result is a car that corners with a much flatter attitude, with more positive steering response, without spoiling ride quality.

For more information on this or any Eibach product, please click to www.eibach.com

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