Eibach Caddy Lowering kit 628x356 Eibach VW Caddy Pro Kit Lowering Kit

Eibach VW Caddy Pro-Kit Lowering Kit

The VW Caddy, like practically every other VW commercial, has long been a firm favourite of the tuning fraternity. The latest precision-manufactured kit from suspension gurus Eibach offers owners the chance to safely lower their 04-11 Caddy vans by approximately 45mm all round, whilst staying well within VW’s safety and load parameters.

The kit consists of a pair of pre-stressed Pro-Kit springs for the front and beautifully engineered shackle lowering kit for the rear of the vehicle. These are a direct fit to the existing factory chassis components and have been carefully designed and extensively tested to work with the OEM dampers and bumpstops. Once fitted, the recipient vehicle will benefit from improved chassis dynamics thanks to a lower centre of gravity, enhancing handling and braking, as well as acceleration thanks to reduced squat.

Two versions are available, covering every engine variant – from the lowly 1.4, right up to the torquey 2.0 TDI. Naturally, the kit comes with comprehensive fitting instructions, full TUV certification and everything required to complete the job. The kit has also been approved by VW themselves and is available through all VW dealers as a warranty-friendly upgrade.

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