Eibach VW Caddy Pro Kit 628x356 Eibach VW Caddy Suspension Kit

Eibach VW Caddy Suspension Kit

German suspension specialist Eibach enjoys a close relationship with VW Commercial vehicles as its official suspension supplier, meaning that it has unparalleled access to VW’s chassis data and knows better than anyone the exacting load, quality and durability requirements that the VW Group demands.

The VW Caddy lowering kit offers a substantial (but factory approved) 45mm drop for drivers looking to inject a little extra handling and stance into the already capable character of their hardy commercial. Everything has been engineered to exceed VW’s OEM standards and the kit can be fitted easily in just a few hours.

The front is lowered using Eibach’s multi-award winning Pro-Kit springs, which are pre-stressed, shot-peened and electrostatically powder coated for a long and useful life. The rear uses a suitably over-engineered shackle lowering kit that is more than a match for the Caddy’s impressive payload.

The kit comes with an impressive 5 year warranty. For enthusiasts looking to improve point-to-point performance and appearance, without compromising the Caddy’s hard-working ethos, it’s an essential upgrade.

For more information, please click to www.eibach.com

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