Eibach Mk2 Golf ARB 628x356 Eibach VW Golf/Jetta Mk II Chassis Upgrades

Eibach VW Golf/Jetta Mk II Chassis Upgrades

Eibach Springs has long produced chassis upgrades for the entire VW Group portfolio of cars, but with the current resurgence in interest for the Golf Mk2 in the tuning, VW and retro markets, the German firm felt it might be a good idea to remind enthusiasts of its superb range of chassis upgrades for these brilliant cars.

Although it’s generally the GTI, in both 8v and 16v guises, that tends to get all of the adulation, Eibach’s Pro-Kit spring upgrade also fits almost all of the Golf and Jetta variants, ranging from the humble 1.0, right up to the G60. Two different spring specifications are available, to take into account the greater weight of models like the 16v GTI and 1.6 TD. On the lower-range cars, expect to see drops of between 30-40mm up front and 30-35mm at the rear, whilst cars like the GTI, that already come with uprated suspension from the factory, will be lowered an additional 20mm all round.

Eibach Mk2 Golf Jetta Pro Kit and Alignment 628x422 Eibach VW Golf/Jetta Mk II Chassis Upgrades

Want to improve handling further still? Then Eibach’s Anti-Roll bar kit is the next obvious step. Sized at 22mm front and 25mm rear, this fixed rate, competition-proven kit endows the Golf with simply incredible handling and offered improved turn-in characteristics thanks to reduced load transfer in the turns. This fits all models.

Increasing track is another way to improve the Golf’s appearance and ability, which can be easily achieved with the addition of Eibach’s Pro-Spacer range. These hub-centric, aerospace grade spacers come in widths from 5 to 25mm, allowing perfect stance to be achieved, or the fitment or aftermarket wheels with the incorrect offset to be safely undertaken.

Eibach Pro Spacer 628x468 Eibach VW Golf/Jetta Mk II Chassis Upgrades

For those looking for additional adjustment and millimetric precision from the Golf’s fairly restrictive chassis pick-up points, Eibach’s alignment range opens up a world of possibilities. At the rear, the ingenious E-Z Shims offer ±1.5° of camber and toe adjustment. Up front, a pair of camber bolts is also available to provide a further ±1.75° of camber adjustment. These bolts also benefit from a hardy Geomet finish, able to withstand 700 hour salt spray test. As well as being higher grade steel than the OEM parts that they replace, they offer the same or better clamp loads as OE too.

The Golf and Jetta Mk2 look set to become valuable future-proof classics. Now is a great time to invest in the chassis of yours and increase your driving enjoyment at the same time!

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Eibach VW Golf/Jetta Mk II Chassis Upgrades

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