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Flow Designs Aero Styling

Parts4Euro.com is now one of the international dealers for Australian Flow Designs products. Flow Designs’ range include front splitters, side splitters / extentions, rear spats and valance kits.

With front slitters you can protect your bumper from scrapes on driveways, Ice/Snow! Like most of Flow Designs products, are made from a Polyethylene composite and suitable for track use and extremely road/street/driveway friendly!

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All splitters are strong enough to take scrapes and hits, and have enough flexibility to absorb energy on impact. Polyethylene does not split, making it the complete crack free solution while protecting the underside of your front bumper.

Side splitters (sometimes called side diffusers side extensions, etc.) is also a valuable component in tuning the aerodynamics of a street, race or performance vehicle. At high speeds, side splitters manages and stabilises air going around the vehicle while reducing the amount of air rolling under the car keeping the underflow as smooth as possible. While not at speed, it certainly adds style and flare to the car.

flow design golf 6 Flow Designs Aero Styling

Concepts designs are drawn usually in conjunction with local car club members before being transferred to the screen. Numerous prototypes are made and tested for fitment with card, MDF, HIPS and other materials before being made using our unique PEC (Polyethylene Composite) material for further testing. Splitters are then cut using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) method which involves the use of computers to control machine tools. Tools that can be controlled in this manner include lathes, mills, routers and grinders. All Flow Designs splitters are then sanded, polished, oiled & sealed by our production team by hand and packed ready for post.

Their range include products for mk4, mk5, mk6 and mk7 VW Golf and to the VW Scirocco. For more information please visit: parts4euro.com

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