bilstein caddy 628x356 New BILSTEIN B14 Coilover System For VW Caddy Van

New BILSTEIN B14 Coilover System For VW Caddy Van

BILSTEIN, the respected German manufacturer of dampers and suspension systems, has released a brand new beautifully-engineered coilover package for the oft-modified commercial platform of the VW Caddy van.

The new BILSTEIN B14 kits offer OEM levels of fit, finish and ride quality, coupled with a significant improvement in handling. Designed and produced entirely in-house in BILSTEIN’s cutting-edge German production facilities, this fixed damping rate kit represents a direct ‘bolt-on’ enhancement for all variants of the Caddy, and comes complete with all hardware, bolts, nuts and accessories. The front struts adjust via the usual threaded platforms while the rears use a multi-position axle relocation plate to ensure that the perfect stance can easily be achieved.

Thanks to this, the BILSTEIN kits offer extensive ride height adjustment from a lower starting point, which equates to a drop of up to -55mm. This is regarded to be the most that it is possible to lower the Caddy before handling becomes adversely affected and components are moved too far out of plane – meaning safety is compromised.

The B14 kit comes with a pre-set damping rate, allowing the owner to fine-tune the ride height and stance to suit their own needs. The springs and dampers are perfectly matched to endow the car with handling performance that works well on both road and track.

As with all BILSTEIN performance products, the BILSTEIN B14 kits have been extensively proven. Not only in BILSTEIN’s extensive laboratory set-up, but more importantly, at the Papenburg test facility, where the company has its states-of-the-art research centre. Here, the Caddy kit was ‘shaken down’ by real, live test drivers, to ensure that this upgrades don’t just work well in a computer simulation, but can offer ride quality and peerless handling whether fully loaded or on the poorest of surfaces, ensuring that even working Caddys can be lowered to the max, while still maintaining a full payload capacity.

As you might expect from the World’s leading original equipment manufacturer, the kit carries full TUV approval and 12 months warranty.

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