oettinger golf 7 1 628x356 400hp Oettinger Golf R

400hp Oettinger Golf R

The sprint to 100 km/h (62 mph) in under 4 seconds, 400 HP (!), an impressive 500 Nm (369 lb/ft) of torque and 280 km/h (174 mph) top speed: That is the OETTINGER Golf R in what is currently its highest development stage. Following the “AutoBild sports cars“ comparison test on the Sachsenring, the Friedrichsdorf based tuner went on to also win the Tuner Grand Prix 2014 as part of the „sport auto High Performance Days“ in Hockenheim with the Golf VII. 1:11:939 minutes – Best lap time in the class road registered compact cars!

This and other stories are now available immediately online at the website www.oettinger.de under the new heading “Oettinger Inside“. More importantly for all who want to give their new R more power and a sportier look: The OETTINGER conversion is available immediately.

oettinger golf 7 628x380 400hp Oettinger Golf R

The OETTINGER Golf R body kit (from 2.690 Euro) provides a motor sport appearance. Whether front spoiler, side skirts, rear skirt with diffuser ribs for double twin tail pipe exhaust or roof spoiler: All aerodynamic components are manufactured from high quality RIM to OEM standards.

The focus of the OETTINGER modifications is however the power unit. With skilful modification of the engine management, a larger turbocharger together with a complete sports exhaust system the OETTINGER engineers have created this superlative. The with “OETTINGER Engine Power Command“ optimised engine develops 400 HP a sensational 100 HP more than the series. Performance enhancement, turbocharger and Engine Power Command cost € 8 360 incl. fitting. The sound developed by the OETTINGER-Racing exhaust system (€ 2 590) is irresistible and energetic. The new high performance OETTINGER-Racing brakes (€ 3.590) provide vehement but safe deceleration. Finally the stylish and sporty OETTINGER type RXX rims available in 19“or 20“ (from € 2.890) provide a sufficiently superior stance.

Cockpit camera OETTINGER Golf VII R 400 HP / 500 Nm (368 lb ft) on fastest lap 1:11:939 in Hockenheim / Winner Tuner GP 2014

OETTINGER has been writing history – and stories since the 1950’s. This includes the latest record drive by the Wiesbadener Martin Garbrecht at the Tuner Grand Prix. With the OETTINGER Golf VII R he laid down a scorching fastest lap in the asphalt. “Catch me if you can“: This is the slogan that the tuner from Friedrichsdorf stuck on the back of the R. The other competitors tried everything, but Martin Garbrecht utilised the 40 minutes that he, together with all the competitors, had to put down one best lap time after another.

Already in his third lap he was 3½ seconds quicker than the next best. The real sensation though, was the 9th. position overall; the Oettinger Golf VII R was noticeably quicker than many tuned AMG, BMW M3 and similar vehicles, and even within spitting distance of many a Corvette or Porsche. “So 2015 could be even more exciting. If there is no real competition in the immediate vicinity then one has to look elsewhere…” was the light hearted comment coming from the Oettinger team in response to the results.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 400hp Oettinger Golf R

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