apr exhaust1 APR RSC 3 Performance Exhaust System

APR RSC 3″ Performance Exhaust System

APR has announced the release of their turbo-back exhaust system for the Mk6 GTI. APR’s RSC™ technology is now available for the MK6 GTI in our newest 2.0 TSI RSC™ Performance Exhaust System. Reflective Sound Cancellation allows for maximum exhaust gas flow while completely eliminating in cabin sound resonance (drone). RSC™ incorporates innovative technologies developed in conjunction with NASA. With limited use of packing materials and no baffles, RSC™ allows for a completely straight and free flowing exhaust path through the RSC™ mufflers.

Reflective Cancellation bounces the undesirable sound waves into each other to attenuate the wave and completely eliminate the low frequency tones that create drone. Each RSC™ muffler is tuned to eliminate specific, undesirable sound frequencies allowing only the engine’s desirable exhaust notes to be heard and improving performance.

APR’s design specifications and manufacturing requirements result in a 3″ mandrel bend stainless steel performance exhaust system unmatched by any other. RSC™ technology ensures the maximum possible performance increases from any performance exhaust system while maintaining refined and unobtrusive sound inside the cabin.

APR’s 2.0T RSC™ Performance Exhaust System features the same great designs from APR’s Engineering Team and high quality manufacturing incorporating the following:

  • High Percision Jewelry Grade Tig Welding
  • 304L Low Carbon Stainless Steel Construction
  • CNC Milled Mounting Bracketry
  • Torca Exhaust Clamps
  • 3″ CNC Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • 200 Cell Metal Matrix Catalyst
  • Double Walled and Rolled 4″ Tips Emblazoned with the APR Logo
  • Lifetime Warranty

Application Guide

2010+ MK6 GTI – 2.0 TSI (CCTA/CCZB/CBFA) – 6MT & DSG – Turboback Exhaust System – FE100037 – $1,649.00
2010+ MK6 GTI – 2.0 TSI (CCTA/CCZB/CBFA) – 6MT & DSG – Catback Exhaust System – CB100047 – $999.00
2010+ MK6 GTI – 2.0 TSI (CCTA/CCZB/CBFA) – 6MT & DSG – Downpipe Exhaust System – CD100013 – $699.00
2010+ MK6 GTI – 2.0 TSI (CCTA/CCZB/CBFA) – 6MT & DSG – Midpipe Only¹ – CD100020 – $439.00

Check out this side by side comparison of the Stock Exhaust system vs the APR RSC Exhaust system!

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