forge airintake mk7 6 628x356 Forge Motorsport Carbon Fibre Intake Kit

Forge Motorsport Carbon Fibre Intake Kit

After over a year in its R&D department finalising the design, fit and finish, Forge Motorsport is proud to present a carbon fibre intake for the latest 1.8 and 2.0 TSI EA888 engines. It combines a highly unique, desirable and attractive design with an ability to offer real-world horsepower increases.

Although the VW/Audi group intake design was an excellent starting point , Forge has been able to force feed even more cold air into this intake by running it the full width of the slam panel, and exploiting the cold air ducts that VW/Audi put in from the factory, but inexplicably fail to use!

forge airintake mk7 3 Forge Motorsport Carbon Fibre Intake Kit

The genuine carbon fiber intake body is finished ‘dry’, meaning un-laquered, and has been produced to motorsport standards. This requires a higher quality fibre with no defects, and a higher attention to detail when the intake is manufactured. This results in a true premium product for the recipient car which far exceeds other intakes at the same price point, and embarrasses those priced even higher.

The carbon Fiber intake offers greater sound from the engine, particularly when on boost, and Forge’s product testers have reported a more responsive throttle, too. The filter element itself is provided by Pipercross, and is fully serviceable or replaceable if necessary. During testing, it was the only filter type that was able to offer adequate filtration to the engine, whilst still being capable of flowing enough air to offer an increase in horsepower and torque.

The kit comes complete with everything you need for installation, which can be carried out in around 30 minutes, including a set of full colour instructions.

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