JE DESIGN Beetle 16 3 4 Front 01 628x356 JE DESIGN individualizes the VW Beetle

JE DESIGN individualizes the VW Beetle

The “new” Beetle was built to be hip, modern, and sporty. With this attractive accessory program from JE DESIGN, the “great-grandson” of the VW Beetle gets a sporty new addition, paired with an individual flare.

With the many special touches that have been made to other Audi, Porsche, Seat, and Volkswagen vehicles, the auto finisher JE DESIGN, has customized the chassis adjustment of the VW Beetle, in order to further underline the compromise between comfort and dynamism that was made in the factory. By installing suspension springs with a progressive characteristic, and a sporty spring constant, side tilting is significantly reduced, in comparison with the series model. The drive dynamics, directional stability, and steering precision of the “great-grandson Beetle”, could also be improved with the JE Design spring kit, that is available for 219 euros in Germany. Despite the lower suspension settings (circa 30-35 millimeters), the series model shock absorber can continue to be used.

JE DESIGN Beetle 16 3 4 Heck 01 628x471 JE DESIGN individualizes the VW Beetle

The exclusive black “Tornado” Volkswagen, a select alloy multi spoke wheel set, is available from JE DESIGN in 8 x 19 inches. Like the optimal VW rims, the one piece wheels can be mounted with the 235/40 R 19 factory tires. Even sportier is the 16 inch spokes rim design with 235/35/ R 19 tires. All together the rims are available in four different surface finishings: black mat spokes and mat silver rim flange, graphite mat silver spokes and mat silver rim flange, shadow silver, and as was shown in the press picture, black shiny spokes and a shiny silver rim flange. The JE DESIGN multi spoke complete wheel set is available starting at 2,810 euros.

JE DESIGN Beetle 16 Felge 01 628x471 JE DESIGN individualizes the VW Beetle

For all designs of the VW Beetle, there is also an attractive JE DESIGN rear apron insert, with a diffuser, and a centered air duct, available for 476 euros, Of course, the high quality aerodynamic components come like, all other components from JE DESIGN, with a technical inspection report (TÜV). The steel muffler that was developed for the VW Beetle, with a round 90 millimeter large twin tailpipe as a four pipe design, can be used with all gasoline and diesel motors. The 952 euro exhaust pipe even has an EEC approval, and the car documents do not need to be carried in the vehicle.

JE DESIGN Beetle 16 Detail 01 628x471 JE DESIGN individualizes the VW Beetle

The JE DESIGN performance increases, created exclusively for the VW Beetle Sport, with the VW Golf GTI’s well know 2.0 TFSI, with 147 kW (200 HP), can of course be registered in your vehicle papers. The additional control unit can be installed in every motor vehicle specialist workshop, and increases the motor performance to 176 kW (240 HP). The maximum torque is increased from 280 newton meters to 310 newton meters. In 6.9 seconds (series: 7.5 seconds) the VW Beetle Sport sprints from a stop, to a speed of 100. The vehicles highest speed is 230 km/h (series: 223 km/h). A technical inspection report (TÜV) and assembly instructions are included, and the JE DESIGN additional control panel is offered for 1,280 euros. After the performance increase, the VW Beetle 2.0 TFSI still fulfills the legal exhaust gas requirements, avoids difficulties with the AU, and can be included in the vehicle’s documents without problems.

JE DESIGN Beetle 16 Heck 01 628x471 JE DESIGN individualizes the VW Beetle

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