Razor R   Front TN 628x356 REVOZPORT’s VW Golf VI Razor R


The Golf R gives a rather fierce look compare to the GTi, however, it lacks the aggressiveness most Golf R owners might want. Following the successful design of the Golf Razor, RevoZport has come up with a styling kit for the Golf VI R giving it a more mean and aggressive look. The Razor R features a series of carbon products for all Golf R owners and they’re mostly add on parts. Here’s the list with prices;

‐ Razor R Bonnet (made in Carbon Kevlar) and dry vacuum infusion: US$731
‐ Razor R Carbon Front Grill = US$450
‐ Razor R Carbon Front Add‐on Splitter = US$650
‐ Razor R Carbon Side Skirt = US$538
‐ Razor R Rear Bumper = US$450
‐ Razor R Carbon Rear Diffuser = US$500
‐ Razor R Carbon Roof Spoiler = US$474
‐ Razor R Carbon Mirror Cover = US$490

Razor R   Rear TN 628x418 REVOZPORT’s VW Golf VI Razor R

They’re all available to order now.

For more information, please visit:

pinit fg en rect gray 20 REVOZPORT’s VW Golf VI Razor R

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