Scirocco R | ARMYTRIX Exhaust

Scirocco R | ARMYTRIX Exhaust | APR ECU Tuning | Prestige Auto Works Australia

From simple admiration of cars to creating our own aftermarket automotive brand, Armytrix is a company founded by enthusiasts for the enthusiasts. With uncompromising determination, we go where others can only dream of, to achieve what was thought impossible. This undaunted spirit has propelled our rise and fueled our desire to achieve even greater feats.

Armytrix exhaust systems are meticulously designed by our experienced designers and forged by master craftsmen. Running our state-of-the-art valvetronic technology, a new journey awaits. Three different modes for you to choose from: On, Off, Auto. Each contributing unique attributes to your overall experience. Crafted with one-of-one quality, our weapons grade titanium and T304 stainless steel exhausts will take you to the next level.

Armytrix wouldn’t be what we are today, if not for the persistency on offering premier quality exhausts to the users. Started from the initial designing process, attention to detail was essential in laying the foundation for creating exhausts with perfect fitment. Veteran craftsmen bring the blueprints to life with unparalleled skills; each weld administered by steady hands, creating the unbreakable bond, the backbone to greater outputs. Feed your appetite for extra performance through their TI and SS series exhausts, rebel against mediocrity and take back the initiative.

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