VW GTI VLE1 11a 628x356 VW Golf 7 with Vossen Wheels

VW Golf 7 with Vossen Wheels

We’ve been following American custom wheel specialists Vossen for some years. Vossen makes some pretty nice wheels, probably some of the best at the moment. Vossen is dedicated to providing quality wheels and lifestyle products for those who value excellence. The brand aims to reflect a passion for ingenuity and a desire to impact not only the automotive world, but culture at large.

VW GTI CV4 79a VW Golf 7 with Vossen Wheels

High-end wheel makers like Vossen often tend to work on nothing but exotic sports and super cars. But every once in a while they get busy with a more down to earth car and lift it up to a whole new level. So we gather here some pictures of outstanding Volkswagen Golf MK7 with Vossen Wheels.

VW Golf R VLE1 ae8 VW Golf 7 with Vossen Wheels

Established with the intent to provide a superior product, today Vossen holds a position as one of the trendsetting brands in the industry. From engineering to design and manufacturing, Vossen is redefining the landscape of modern wheel craftsmanship. With three decades of experience and a distribution network of over 36 countries across the world, their customers have come to expect nothing less than sheer quality and innovation.

VW GTI CVT 21b VW Golf 7 with Vossen Wheels

Vossen wheels were pioneer of the concave, staggered trend. Over time, the Vossen name has come to represent much more than a product. With air suspension, negative cambers and other mods, no doubt these cars are head turners.


Golf 7 Vossen Wheels

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