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The new Golf VII GTi from most review said it’s a faster, lighter and generally a better car compare to the previous model, we totally agree to its driving pleasure but not the outlook in RevoZport’s opinion. The shape has made very little change and in many angles it lacks the GTI hue that it should stand out from its less enthusiastic models (TSI, GT etc.). The car drives very well and we are not going to mess with that but the exterior with just a few changes to the light and red accent is just not enough to make it a hot GTI that it should. With the competition from the strong Mercedes A Class, the new Golf really has to be more than just what it is presented from the factory.

vw golf razor 7 2 628x343 VW Golf RAZOR 7

The RAZOR 7 is based on the Golf VII GTi, performance has been revised with new ECU mapping, titanium exhaust, 2 stage induction system makes the 2.0 litre 230 horsepower engine now produce more than 290hp. The exterior is dressed up by a double decked front splitter, a full carbon hood that shows 2 vents to help exhaust the heat from the extra horsepower, a pair of carbon side skirts, a GT-Wing and a 2 element diffuser all with a touch of red carbon accent. The titanium exhaust stretches from the down-pipe all the way to the dual purple-ish titanium tips only weight 10kg, that’s more than 50% weight savings from the original stainless steel system.

The aerokit is now ready to order through dealers around the world while the performance kit will be available in January, pricing will be announce through Revozport’s website soon.

For more information, please check their website:www.revozport.com/golf-razor

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