EVOMS 2.0 TFSI Boost Recirculation Valve

evoms brv EVOMS 2.0 TFSI Boost Recirculation Valve Evolution MotorSports presented a new performance and maintenance component for the VW/Audi 2.0T Motors. The EVOMS 2.0T Boost Recirculation Valve Kit is a direct replacement for the OEM unit and features an improved and more efficient design.

This BRV kit replaces the inadequate and unreliable factory valve with a billet valve that has been thoroughly tested and proven on the street, dyno and on the track by Evolution Motorsports.
Combining the successful design principles, stringent theoretical computer and real world testing, the EVOMS 2.0T BRV eliminates issues of boost leaks and diaphragm sticking and deterioration that can occur with the OEM valves over time. It’s also got improved boost recovery in-between shifts.

The EVOMS BRV employs a mechanical operation over the factory electronic operation. By using vacuum/boost pressure over the electronic control alleviates communication delay and increases reliability and performance. High levels of heat from the valves direct mounting to the turbo and the inconsistency of operation lead to the factory valve’s premature demise, but with EVOMS billet construction and mechanical operation they can handle anything that is thrown at them.

These valves were originally designed for the Porsche 997TT and have been tested to 750+ horsepower with perfect success. They have been extensively tested by Evolution Motorsports on the 2.0T motors from stock to 340+ horsepower with perfect success. This kit includes everything needed to convert a 2.0T to a better performing and more reliable performance machine:

• 1 EVOMS Billet Boost Recirculation Valve Assembly
• 1 EVOMS Relocation Bracket for Factory Electronic Actuator
• 1 EVOMS Billet Cap to Seal off the Factory Electronic Actuator
• 1 EVOMS Section of Vacuum Line
• 1 EVOMS Custom Silicone T-Hose to Tap Into the Manifold Vacuum/Pressure Line
• All Necessary Mounting Hardware

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parts4euro EVOMS 2.0 TFSI Boost Recirculation Valve

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