KW-Systems Gauge Mount solutions

Golf MKV gauge mount solution1 550x368 KW Systems Gauge Mount solutions

KW-Systems is a German company, known for their range of tuning boxes for almost every car. But they also do other stuff, like these exclusive gauge mounting solutions for cars like the mk5 and mk6 VW Golf or the new Scirocco and EOS.

They present 2 different solutions. One is for the top of the dashboard. It could be for one or two gauges and it perfectly fits the original design of the dashboard. It is fixed by a special tape and you don’t see any wiring.

Golf MKV gauge mount solution4 KW Systems Gauge Mount solutions

The other one is a gauge mount solution for the center console. It`s mounted instead of the stock ashtray. It could be deliverable in several designs, like for one or two gauges or to 52mm or 60mm gauges.

Golf MKV gauge mount solution2 550x412 KW Systems Gauge Mount solutions

These are two excellent alternatives to use gauges in your VW if you doesn’t like to have it in outstanding positions.

International orders are possible; if you need more information, please contact: or visit

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