OSIR opod golf7 628x356 VW Golf 7 Osir Design

VW Golf 7 Osir Design

OSIR Design has available a set of accessories to upgrade your VW Golf 7. OSIR is well known by its carbon fibre upgrade accessories for the exterior, interior and also engine dress up.

OSIR Golf 7 VW Golf 7 Osir Design

Carbon parts are available for both the GTI and R versions of the VW Golf. The exterior kit is composed by add-on carbon fibre side vent blades, carbon hood, FCS GT7 add on front chin spoiler, FCS GT7 DF-1 center lip, Fin GT7 replacement rear hatch fins, the replacement mirror housings, GT7 add on rear bumper side skirt and the GT7-RS add on rear hatch spoiler.

OSIR rear spoiler VW Golf 7 Osir Design

The carbon parts are made from vacuum infused premium carbon fibre with a high gloss finish. But some of the parts are also available in fibre glass if you like the looks and want to paint those parts.

OSIR Golf 7 rear VW Golf 7 Osir Design

For the interior, you can replace the door handles for the OSIR Carbon ones. The carbon handles are available for 2 and 4 door cars. The OSIR Design add on vent gauge pod for is also an good add-on for the interior. Properly angled towards your sight. Easy installation with no cutting or special skill needed. Fits 52mm, 60mm, 2 1/16″ and 2 5/8″ gauges.

OSIR door handle VW Golf 7 Osir Design

You can also upgrade the interior with the stainless steel dead pedal that attaches over existing foot rest with provided screws. You can also but the Orbit illuminated knob, the shift boot handmade from top quality black suede and accented with red stitching and finally the aluminum carpet locks.

OSIR Design opod golf7 VW Golf 7 Osir Design

For more information on Golf 7 Osir partsvisit www.osirusa.com

pinit fg en rect gray 20 VW Golf 7 Osir Design

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