vwr tracksport suspension 628x356 VWR TrackSport Coilover Suspension Upgrade

VWR TrackSport Coilover Suspension Upgrade

If you are one of those guys that take your VW Golf VII regularly to the track but also need it as a daily car, you have to carefully choose your suspension. For you, VWR has developed a TrackSport kit for the VW Golf MK7.

Derived directly from VWR’s unique and highly effective race-specification coil-over suspension kit for Golf Mk7 and the other VAG cars on the MQB platform, the kit uses the exact same lightweight damper bodies and construction as our full-race kit.

One of the most significant changes over the StreetSport kits is that the rear dampers are now coilover, meaning that you have a full range of spring travel at the rear, rather than relying on shorter springs (as non-coilover kits do). Additionally, the VWR TrackSport Coilover kit has inverted front dampers, giving a much stiffer strut to avoid flex under intense load.

The damper bodies are made from aluminium to save weight, and are power-coated in gloss black.

12-point adjustment of bump and rebound rates via one beautifully engineered adjuster knob makes tailoring your suspension to your requirements a pleasure. And importantly, both front and rear can be adjusted with no tools, and with no need to jack your car up. It still amazes us that others sell kits that need special tools and/or a jack to make adjustment!

Not only this, but the TrackSport kit comes with the Adjustable Solid Top Mounts included, plus the shortened Drop Links, plus 60mm linear springs.

Make no mistake, this is a stiff set-up, with shorter-travel than VWR’s StreetSport kits. Ride quality is undoubtedly firm, but it is also beautifully controlled and taughtly-damped.

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